Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Day Five: Ozark, AR to Nashville, TN

Blogging is a lot of work. Grr. However, last night I brown-bagged my cocktail and dinner by the pool and called it a day. Skipped the cellophane wrapped continental breakfast but did drink some coffee-colored water with powdered creamer, yummy. I let the morning pass a bit hoping that my ride would be free of critters and luckily only saw one deer trot across the road. Today I rode the Ozark Mountain’s Pig Tail, the winding road that leads up to the University of Arkansas, which was described to me as "dangerous" by the woman who owned the motel. Then again, she thought I was on a scooter since it wasn’t “as big and loud as a normal motorcycle.”

Finally out of the flatlands, I wound my way up through tree covered Rt. 23, and it felt good to be running on the sides of my tires again. I fell into the rhythm of the road like I’d never left eastern USA, left the bike in third and two-fingered the brake only when absolutely necessary. Like most other Guzzis, the Breva seems happiest running at 5-6 grand, so that’s where I kept it. I seemed to be making good time until I saw a box turtle in the middle of the road. I slammed on the brakes, hung a U-turn and went back to move the turtle off the asphalt. This was a Three-toed box turtle or Terrapene carolina triunguis: . Very cool since I had never seen this sub-species!

As this is the "no plan" trip, when I started to see signs for the Booger Hollow Trading Post and Café, I thought, “What the hell!” The signs were posted every few miles, just like Pedro urging you on to South of the Border. Being the sucker I am, I rode fifteen miles out of my way to eat at Booger’s. But dang, it was closed. After this small detour and removing at least 8 T. carolina triunguis from the road, I figured I’d better start making some time. Stuffed down some gas station food (no wonder people are so fat and sickly) and put my head down, aiming for Nashville and civilization by dark.

Routes: Rt. 23; Rt.16; Rt. 7; Rt. 16; RT. 64; I40

Miles: Heck, I dunno, let’s just say far enough. Probably 500 or so.

Seat Time: 10 hours

Turtle rescue: 8 T. carolina triunguis

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alice, is this a borrowed Breva or yours? Are you doing this trip/writeup for a bike magazine?

Randy in norCal

10:23 AM  
Anonymous todd westover said...


1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alice, Looks like your'e having a great trip. I noticed in one of your pics., that maybe you had a canon s-50 digital camera. Is that the camera? That's the camera I'm currently using, and I like it very much. Have a safe trip and looking forward to more reports.

Steve Ford Vancouver Wa.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Mark Long said...

Thanks for saving the turtles.


4:31 PM  
Blogger motomama said...

Alice! Glad you're keeping up on the blog. You must have a little laptop with you, too, hmmm? I-book?

6:42 PM  
Anonymous susan wood said...

Alice, you are killing me! Please keep logging the stream of consciousness. Those of us who remain chained to our desks appreciate the laughs ... it helps suppress the envy ;-)

6:02 AM  

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