Thursday, May 26, 2005

Day Six: Nashville, TN

This is my day off, whew. I was in Nashville about 12 years ago, and boy-howdy it sure has changed. The seedy downtown Broadway honky-tonk area has sadly fallen victim to the homogeny spreading throughout America like kudzu, although I did have lunch at Jack’s Barbecue, which seems to have remained the same. Gruhn Guitars is also mostly unchanged, as is Hatch Show Print. Buying a monoprint from master printmaker Jim Sherraden, manager of Hatch, was my reason for stopping in Nashville. You’ll not find his monoprints on the Hatch web site; you have to visit the shop and ask to see his personal work.

When in Nashville you can’t miss the "new" Country Music Hall of Fame. I was raised listening to my Dad playing guitar and ukulele with "uncle" Johnny on banjo, so traditional mountain music and bluegrass are two of my favorites.

After eating gas station food for the last two days I dropped a bill on a good dinner with a nice red zin.

Loews Hatch CMH


Anonymous EldoMike said...

A friend of mines son worked with Hatch while in school....must have been great experience...

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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