Monday, May 23, 2005

Day Three: Los Lunas, NM to Dalhart, TX

I’d decided last night that when I left the hotel in the morning I’d jump on RT. 40E to make some time. Checked the oil, added about 1/4 quart, and headed out of the parking lot. Before I went the 100 ft. to the freeway, I changed my mind and headed north to Taos and the mountains!! Saw this bitchin’ "Saints and Sinners" sign in Espanola and had to have a photo. While snapping the pic some helmet-less loudmouth screamed, “IDIOT” at me as he drove by. At first I was pissed, but then I figured he was right; I was an idiot because I STILL hadn’t learned how to use the timer on my camera, I could’ve been a saint or a sinner, damn.

Followed the Rio Grand up to Taos, getting a snort full of sagebrush as the road snaked up higher and higher. Stopped at the Taos Inn for lunch where I got out the Cannon manual and learned how easy it is to use the timer. Took a nice photo in answer to the guy who yelled at me earlier. Take that, rude-boy!

Taos was crawling with tourists. So after a foofy southwestern lunch, it was time to ride. Headed northeast on 64 and then took a few random turns onto roads not marked on my inadequate map. Nailed a twisty country lane that lead me to a perfect dirt road. On my own I can do whatever I darn well please: no one to tell me what route to take and no sissies to whine about riding on dirt! Crossed a rocky stream and wound my way back to the paved road, crossed the stream again and then headed down the mountain.

Figured I’d better at least get my ass into Texas before calling it a day. Reached my new goal of Dalhart, TX about 9:30pm

Routes: I25N; Rt. 84N; Rt. 68N; Rt. 64NE; dirt road, side road; Rt. 64NE; Rt. 58E; I25S; Rt. 56/412E; Rt. 87S

Miles: Seems like I’ve settled in to about 500 miles per day

Seat Time: 9 hours plus SLOW foofy 2 hour lunch

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Anonymous Matt_H said...

I visited Taos for the first time in March. Awesome country!! Glad you chose to explore it. The "Saints and Sinners" pic brings back the chuckle I had when I rode past it. Enjoy the rest of your ride and I hope to see you in a few days in WV.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"IDIOT" huh? Are you sure he didn't just catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror and realize that he forgot his helmet? ;-)

6:24 PM  

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