Sunday, May 22, 2005

Day Two: Fountain Hills, AZ to Los Lunas, NM

Apparently there are many elk in the Apache National Forest, as indicated by this message spread across three different signs. What's it called when they do that? Anyway, I was thinking "smashed on grill"...elk burgers! Then I realized they meant the grill of your CAR.

Rebeka handed me off to Lady Biker Lynn. We met Lynn's hubby, Pete, for breakfast, got a tour of their dream home in Payson, and then Lynn lead me through the beautiful Apache National Forest on through to the NM state line. Nice to be in the cool mountains after yesterday's drive through desert hell. That was the first time that opening my face shield felt like sticking my head into a blast furnace; it was cooler keeping my shield shut tight.

With shield cracked open a bit and the pine scent filling my helmet, we leaned into the road and wicked it up. The Breva handles well through the sweepers fully loaded with gear, running in top gear right up to 7K for hours at a time.

Once into New Mexico the road straightened out and I was on my own. Check out the Very Large Array at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory:

For those of you who can't live without adding your two cents, I've opened up the comment section of the blog. Also, to see more photos click on my little face on the right where it says "See more of Alice's photos," duh.

Routes: Rt.87; Rt.260; Rt.60; I25
Miles: Not many... Less than 500
Seat Time: 6 hours

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Anonymous sam baker said...


So, are you headed I40 East or North to Denver then I70 East. If the Former.. I am leaving Dallas Monday, (5/23) AM and, if you care to, would offer to link up for the trip to WV. Contact 214 535 0916, if interested, if not I'll see you at the rally

Sam Baker
'04 EV T

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alice. You'll have to so a picture at Dinosaurland in Berryville on the other end of the trip. Wonder how many other full size fiberglass Tyrannosaurus Rex there are in between.

7:11 AM  
Blogger motomama said...

Hey Alice! I'm so glad you set up this blog. Have a safe and wonderful trip and I'll keep checking up on your journey.

Michelle O.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Diesel said...

Hey, Alice. Thanks for letting us experience your trip vicariously! Did you see your pic on


9:38 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

Hey take pictures of crashed RV's and upside down dumptrucks for me. (I read that and felt jealous) Fires are also good. Those, plus motel signs, iconic landscapes, reflections and barns and that's everything I care about, well almost. I am anonymous of course but also of course didn't figure out until now how to sign it.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise to find out that you are going on this great trip! Even more so that you are going on a Breva. I have a 2004 Breva that I got in July 2003 and have put 7,000 miles on. Great bike! Regards, Diane O. (Long Island, NY - met you on the KAWI weekend)

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go girl!! Just got back monday from my windy/wet Oregon run (1,300 mi.) on MY breva(7,300 mi.) Looks like you oughta be coming back w/a Longest Female distance placque.

I've done 2 Breva trips so far & am pleased w/it's operation, averaging 53 mpg on regular. Ridden it 4,300 miles in 3 months so far. We had 4 Brevas @ the Oregon coast campout, 2(couple) w/18K miles on them. I've found my Breva the best handling Guzzi I've ridden yet. Hope you don't weather as much rain as I did. 8^ )

Randy in norCal

10:16 AM  

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