Sunday, May 29, 2005

Final Day: Moto Guzzi National Rally, New Cumberland, WV

After riding clear across the country and miraculously not hitting one lick of rain, today it was pouring. Figures. Those of us who've been coming to this rally over the years can count on one hand the times it DIDN'T rain, and of course we huddled together in our rain suits and talked about just that. “Hey remember the year it was so stinking hot?” “What about the year of the flood?” Guzzi riders are a hardcore bunch; standing around in mud up to our valve stems with rain drizzling down, talking bikes and rides is just what we do. Ain't no thang.

We're also a very small group. Guzzis don't appeal to everyone; so we're either an extremely elite club or a handful of hardheaded weirdoes, take your pick… probably a bit of both, I'd say. There's no way to describe seeing folks I hadn't really been in touch with since I moved to the left coast. My friends Cathy and Dave Blake are now grandparents three times over. The 'Lemans Parking Lot' I'd organized 10 years ago is still holding strong, although not everyone was still riding Lemans'. Barb Nowell was riding her Brutale, Dave Dilworth was on a Convert, and his son Will was now riding his own bike, an MZ. There was a touch of sadness to the rally as we remembered Buck Bush, each in our own way.

Dinner and door prizes done with, the campfires and tall tales come to life. After a few laps around the camp visiting, it was time to head on over to the VFW for some dancing. Cuttin' the rug in our mud-covered Tingley's is another tradition I was surely not going to miss. Chugged beer and danced to everything from Joan Jet to Patsy Cline with my old pals until last call and my husband Ed dragged me out of there by my hair.

Sunday morning was a beautiful sunny clear day, giving everyone good weather for the ride home. I said my goodbyes knowing that I was also saying goodbye to an important era in my riding history.

In the end, yes, I did win the long distance award by riding 3057 miles cross-country on a Breva 750. However, to me, the more rewarding thing is that the youngest rider award went to my friend Jimmy Miller's daughter, Larissa, from near Philadelphia, also on a Breva. Someday I hope she makes a solo trip similar to mine, and I bet she does!

Farewell Bucky Bush and the West Virginia Big Country Rally. It was a grand run.

1976 850 Lemans Buck's rally Pins Finally Home


Anonymous Michael Collector said...

Glad to see you found the Lemans in the field. That one was Barbara's now I ride her everywhere. Thanks for the photo, I didn't take a camera.

7:17 AM  
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